About Empanada Kitchen

about empanada kitchen


From our family to yours.

Our family has been making Empanadas for over 20 years. We take common ingredients and mix them with a lot of imagination to turn them into the most delectable Empanada. Through the years, our Empanadas have been a symbol of celebration, happiness, friends and family. That's why we take so much care in creating the most splendid Empanadas ...because we know what it means to you.


We strive to make sure we keep up the good work day after day as we continue to craft each Empanada by hand, using only the finest ingredients. We are proud to continue using the same original recipe we used back in the 80’s. We are prouder that those who first tried our recipe in the 80’s continue to insist that we simply make the best Empanadas anywhere.


We ship our Empanadas anywhere in the continental United States. All of our Empanadas are handmade and beautifully packaged.


Our charming store is located in West Michigan, and if you're in the area we would love to have you stop by and enjoy our creations, fresh from our Kitchen.


Bernarda Ruiz